This is your bank!

Central State Bank was chartered February 5, 1916, in compliance with the regulations of the State of Alabama Banking Department. The bank had several presidents and ownership changes during its first 29 years until March 1, 1945, when Roy Downs was hired by the Bank's Board of Directors to serve as cashier. Mr. Downs left his position as Personnel Director of First National Bank of Birmingham to accept the job at Central State Bank for a salary of $250.00 per month plus 5% of the annual net profit of the bank. On May 12, 1947, Roy Downs was elected President of the Bank and in December of that year, he bought the controlling interest from other stockholders.

Mr. Downs was reared in a small town in North Alabama, and he easily adapted to the life style of Calera. He brought with him a desire to see his adopted community grow and prosper, and through his leadership, Calera acquired new industry as an addition to the local economy. Through his devotion to civic, school and religious organizations, a deposit base was cultivated throughout the county. The bank grew from deposits of less than three hundred and ninety thousand at the time of Mr. Downs' arrival to almost eight million dollars at the time of his death in October of 1971. Mr. Downs' abilities - his devotion to his community, his concern and friendliness to his fellow man, and his unique ability to make each customer feel important - are the foundation on which Central State Bank continues to operate today. Since Mr. Downs' death, his family has maintained control and actively manages the bank with the same values and traditions that were established by Mr. Downs in 1945.

From 1971 to January 2013, Mr. Downs’ son-in-law William M. Schroeder, Sr. has served as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board. While still serving as Chairman of the Board on January 15, 2013 Mr. Schroeder announced to the Board of Directors that he would step down as President and CEO. Mr. Downs’ daughter, Deegee Downs Schroeder still serves as Vice Chairman of the Board and his son, David Downs serves as Executive Vice President.

Mr. Downs' grandchildren, who have been active in the daily operations of the bank since 1992, are currently appointed by the Board of Directors to hold the following positions:

Shane Schroeder as President
Mitt Schroeder as CEO
Shanda Watts as Sr. Vice President

All family members remain active in the day to day operations of the bank which has grown in assets to over 170 million.

Central State Bank has four locations. The Main Office located at 11025 Hwy 25 in Calera, The Airport Office located at 57 Hwy 87 near the Shelby Co Airport in Calera, The Limestone Office located at 71 Limestone Parkway in Calera and The Pelham Office located at 3145 Pelham Parkway, Pelham. The bank also owns Central State Mortgage located at 2815 Greystone Commercial Blvd in Birmingham.