Banking Made for You!

Your Family's Partner

At Central State Bank our mission is to be the bank whose customers wouldn’t consider banking anywhere else. We love hearing about your life and finding ways we can help your family achieve its dreams for the future.

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Your Future Partner

We love hearing about the future like planning for college, saving up for a house, or building up a safety net. We’re here to help make that plan as easy as calling up a friend. Let us know what your plans for the future are, and we’ll help you choose and set up the perfect savings account for you and your family.

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Your Business Partner

As a business owner, there’s a lot on your mind. We’re here to partner with you, whether you’re growing a brand new business, or just taking stock of an established organization. No matter what your business is, we have the perfect account to serve you, and the perfect team to help you meet your goals.

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Your Lending Partner

We know sometimes you need help navigating through the process of getting your financial needs met. We offer a wide variety of loans to meet those needs.

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Your Mortgage Partner

Our loan officers will help make sure we find you the best mortgage options. Buying a house can be stressful, but we will ensure that you know all of your options, and that we provide you with the best solutions.

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