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Looking for a better way to track and manage company expenses? Designated company administrators can access company credit card information 24/7 through 360Control—at no additional charge!



The web-based tool allows companies to: 

  • View company cardholders, their current balances and credit limits at a glance
  • View and download up to 12 months of transaction history
  • Attach and view transaction receipts
  • View credit card authorizations before the charge is posted to the account
  • Make credit card payments
  • Temporarily or permanently adjust cardholder credit lines within the company aggregate limit
  • Close or block cardholder accounts immediately
  • Add cardholders
  • Order new and replacement cards
  • Create customized management reports

Features & Benefits:

  • Determine which employees get company cards and at what limits - giving you plenty of flexibility and control
  • Our Credit Card Online banking allows you to:
    • Add, freeze or delete cards and change limits as needed in real time
    • Create general ledger reporting to streamline your expense process
    • Use Merchant Category codes (MCC) to control where cards can be used
    • Enhanced transaction capability for merchants that send additional transaction information (e.g. flight information, receipt detail)
    • If you have multiple companies, we can create a "super company" with one username and password to see all of your companies

 Interested in a business credit card? 

Access 360 control here! 

360 Control