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Commercial ACH

Commercial ACH Origination

Gives your business more control over your payments and collections by allowing you to securely initiate electronic transactions through the ACH network.

It’s Fast.

Central State Bank offers both Next Day and Same Day settlement for ACH transfers*.

Send payments more quickly.

ACH Origination allows you to choose payment dates so you know when your payments will be received. Vendors, employees, owners, and contractors will receive their funds without waiting on checks. You’ll know they were paid instead of waiting on checks to clear.

Check payments are subject to several types of delays, or “float.” These delays include mail processing time, the time it takes for the check recipient to process and apply the payment, and the time it takes for the deposited check to clear your account.

Receive funds more quickly.

ACH Origination also gives you control over when funds are deposited into your account instead of waiting to receive checks by mail.

How does it work? Customers, renters, and other businesses provide you with their account information. Your information will not need to be provided, keeping your account safe. and you collect funds.

It’s Easy.

Enter the ACH information for your vendors, employees and more through our Commercial Online Banking platform. Simply select the template or receiver’s name, enter the dollar amount and additional payment info, choose the effective date, and send.

For a more seamless process and to reduce data reentry, upload Nacha formatted files or other file types that contain recipient and payment information.

Setup automatic ACH transfers for recurring payments or collections. Also create templates to organize your payments by type or frequency.

It’s cost-effective.

Same Day ACH transfers allow you to send multiple electronic transfers effective the same banking day for a monthly fee. If you send more than one wire transfer a month, Same Day ACH Origination is likely a more economical option.

You can also save money with ACH origination when compared to check payments, which include purchasing check stock, buying printer cartridges, and paying postage fees.

It’s safe.

Switching from check payments to ACH payments helps prevent check fraud by reducing or eliminating the number of checks your business has in circulation.

Increases in mail theft make it even more important to reduce, or eliminate, checks that are sent by mail. Checks include your account number, routing number, business name, and business address. With ACH payments, you obtain the receiver’s account information while your information remains confidential.

Learn how Positive Pay can protect your accounts from both check and ACH fraud.

Contact a Treasury Management team member to get started. Additional terms, conditions, and fees may apply.
*ACH transfers must be effective on a Banking Day and submitted prior to the applicable deadline(s).
Availability of funds for Same Day ACH transfers is not immediate. See the applicable ACH Origination service agreement(s) for terms and conditions.