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Commercial Online Banking & Information Access

Commercial Online Banking

Access your business accounts and loan information through our website or mobile app.  Directly connect with QuickBooks Online or export transactions into other financial systems. Create alerts based on account balances and transactions. Switch to e-statements to reduce account information being sent by mail. 

Convenient and secure way to view statements from your computer or mobile device.
Log in to the Central State Bank app, select "Transactions" from the menu, then select "Statements".
Choose the account and statement date that you would like to view, then select "Get Statement" to view the document.
With online bill pay, you control when your bill or loan payments are sent, and also have the option to set up recurring payments.

* Payments may take up to 5 business days to process. Once you're enrolled in the program, here's how to make a payment:

  1. Log in to the Central State Bank app, select "Transactions", then "Bill Payment".
  2. Click "Add Payee" and complete the information for each vendor you'd like to pay.
  3. To make a payment, tap the name of the Payee, enter the payment amount, and complete the transaction.
  4. To set up recurring payments, reminders and more, select "Options" from the Bill Pay page, then "Visit Bill Pay Site".
* If you're making a loan payment from an account that is not with Central State Bank, please use our LOAN PAYMENT feature. Loan payments from non-Central State Bank accounts are not processed through our online banking system.
Skip the trip to the bank, and deposit checks with your mobile device. *Deposits may take up to 2 business days to appear in your account. Once you're enrolled in the program, here's how to make a mobile deposit:

  1. Log in to the Central State Bank app, select "Transactions", then "Deposit Check".
  2. Choose the account that the funds should go to, and enter the amount
  3. Endorse the check with your name and "for CSB e-deposit only"
  4. Take a picture of the front AND back side of the check.
  5. Click "Submit" to complete the transaction.

Take control of your finances with our user-friendly budgeting tool. After assigning categories to your transactions, color-coded charts give you an overall picture of your incomes and expenses, and help keep you on track to achieve your financial goals. When accessing your account online, this information is at the top of the dashboard. When accessing from a mobile device, click the "Budget" or "Spending" button near the bottom of the screen.
Online Administrators can create and control additional user profiles for office managers, accountants, or other based on their role in your organization. User access can be restricted to viewing information only or any combination of online rights. 

Positive Pay is a fraud protection service the gives businesses more control over the checks and ACH transactions that are authorized for payment. It compares the checks you have preauthorized with the checks that are presented for payment and notifies you of any exceptions. It also allows you to control which companies are authorized to debit or credit your accounts via ACH.