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 Home Equity Line of Credit

Are you looking for ways to make improvements to your home or consolidate other debts? A Home Equity Line of Credit is the perfect solution for you. Borrow against the equity of your home and enjoy the flexibility of a HELOC. You can use the money to get home repairs, improvements, or expansions done! You can also enjoy the benefits of having access to additional funds, especially to cover unforeseen costs or take care of emergencies. Call a loan officer today and find out more about taking out a HELOC.

HELOC's Can be used for:
  • Consolidation of other debts
  • Home Repairs, improvements, expansion
  • Financing a new car, boat, or recreational vehicle
  • Unplanned emergencies
Benefits of a HELOC: 
  • Easy Access
  • Readily Available
  • Tax deductible (check with a tax advisor for certain restrictions)
  • No penalty for early pre-payment
  • No required minimum draw or minimum low balance
  • May pay extra principal at any time without penalty. 


Application: Loan Application 

Once your loan application has been completed, please return using a secure method. 

For more information on HELOC's contact a loan officer