Deposit Services and Collections

We offer multiple solutions to help your business collect funds more quickly and efficiently.
Our deposit services allow us to serve businesses a few blocks (or a few states) away! 
Commercial ACH Origination
ACH Origination allows you to collect funds electronically through ACH Network, Setup recurring drafts to automatically debit customers for monthly services such as rent, childcare, service contracts, or membership dues. Manage drafted accounts online or upload Nacha and other file types. 

Commercial ACH Originators receive electronic notices regarding ACH returns or notifications of change. We also offer automated delivery of ACH addenda and EDI information.
Merchant services
Our local merchant services partner meets with customers face-to-face and listens to their needs. Their seasoned, professional team provides industry experience and knowledge, enabling them to recommend reliable solutions for our business. 

Desktop scan
Our desktop Scan service allows you to submit deposits from your office using a check scanner. Access check images and detailed reports online for one year. This service is compatible with Windows and Mac workstations. 

This service also allows you to grant deposit access to users while restricting their access to your fill account information. 
Mobile check deposit
Convenient and cost-effective solution for customers depositing a lower volume of checks. 
lockbox service

Our lockbox service allows you to outsource the processing of your accounts receivable to our lockbox provider. Payments are directed to a P.O. Box managed by our lockbox provider. Our lockbox provider processes all mail in their secure facility. Documents are imaged and payments are deposited into your account. Reports and images are available online.

Find out if an outsourced accounts receivable solution would fit your business needs.

image cash letter

Businesses with accounts receivable systems that can produce an imaged check file can streamline the deposit process by securely transmitting files directly to Central State Bank.

This solution can offer your business greater efficiency and less time spent processing deposits through separate channels.